Green Tip Ammo

By July 9, 2019 Blog

It is the most frequently asked question we get here at AR500 Target Solutions. It is the reason so many of our customers’ targets do not last. It is the least expensive ammo you can purchase. It is Green tip ammo!

So many of you ask, “Can I use green tip ammo on my steel targets”? The answer is of course you can use any ammo you wish on your steel targets. But if you would like them to last the answer is most certainly “NO.” AR500 steel targets are made to be durable, highly visible and ring loud when you hit them. They are most certainly not bullet proof.

Let’s talk about green tip ammo. First off, what is it? Green tip ammo has a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ). It is a 62-grain bullet with a lead core and a steel penetrator at the tip. The key descriptor here is steel penetratormeaning that if shot at close range by a powerful firearm it will pierce the steel target.  This kind of ammunition has been used for decades by the military and is readily available to the everyday shooter. Even if an FMJ round does not have a steel penetrator, when used with more powerful firearms that exceed velocities of 2800 FPS at less than 100 yards the FMJ can still dimple the steel. Due to the rigid design of the FMJ, it does not disburse upon impact causing increased possibility of damage to the steel target.

When you purchase a steel target from AR500 Target Solutions, you are purchasing the best quality target available. With your purchase you receive an owner’s manual, which includes a kind of “do’s and don’ts guide” to getting the most bang for your buck – pun intended!

You decide if you want a target to last you a lifetime, a few years or just until tomorrow and remember that what you shoot at it will determine how long it lasts! To green tip or not to green tip?? That’s your call!

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