Want an opportunity to own AR500 steel at a discount price? Then the AR500 Target Solutions Bargain Bin is your place! Not all discount AR500 steel targets are the same. The Bargain Bin offers limited run, specialty supply or demoed AR500 targets from AR500 Target Solutions at a reduced price. Inventory changes often, so check back frequently!

All targets in the Bargain Bin are certified AR500 steel, with the same loud ring that’s a hallmark of all AR500 steel targets. From time to time, AR500 Target Solutions also has unpainted targets, batches of smaller stock targets, or demonstration or promotional targets that we offer via the Bargain Bin. Bargain Bin targets are a great way to try Ar500 steel targets for the first time, or to add to your existing target stock at a lower price point.

Occasionally, AR500 Target Solutions will demonstrate one or more of our AR500 steel targets at a gun show, range or tactical training event. Many times the demonstration targets will be offered to demo participants on-site. However, sometimes, that’s not an option and we have leftover demonstration targets.  In those instances, the demo targets may be available for sale through the Bargain Bin.

Due to the limited quantities available, the season nature of most of our demos, and the constantly changing inventory, we suggest you bookmark our Bargain Bin and check back often to score the best deals on AR500 steel targets from AR500 Target Solutions! Whatever target you score, be sure to add a set of our carriage bolts and a conduit or x-base stand to your order, and see why AR500 Target Solutions targets are considered some of the best in the business!

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