10,8,6 inch Targets AR500 Gong Target System with Stand

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When you pack AR500 steel gong targets, it’s all about sending hot lead down range and making freedom “ring”. Steel gong targets takes out all of the guess work when shooting distances by getting instant feedback with an audible ring of the target when hit. No more taking time to walk down to the targets to see where you have hit. Steel shooting targets even work better when using a spotting scope because the lead splatters are very easy to see. Bring along a rattle can of paint to cover them up and start shooting again!

AR500 targets are made to last; hard and durable for as long as you can handle them.

  • AR500 target kits includes 10,8,6 x3/8  AR500 gong targets, two 2×4 conduit connectors, and three AR500 hook & target straps.
  • AR500 Hook & strap design makes for no more broken chains. Close target stop to stop target swing and reset fast.
  • Certified AR500 Laser cut steel made in the USA makes them the most durable targets on the market.
  • Powder coated for your shooting enjoyment. Free Shipping!!!! (conduit legs & 2×4 not included)
  • Targets ring like a bell when hit. Let freedom “ring”

Tactical. Precise. Tough. When you pack AR500 Target Solutions Targets, it’s all about sending hot lead down the range and making freedom “ring”. All of our targets are CNC Laser Cut with the finest certified AR500 steel that are forged in the fires of american patriotism. Our complete gong systems are quick and easy to set up and tear down for the shooter on the go. All you need to complete the system is four inexpensive 5’x3/4″ pieces of electrical conduit and a common 2×4 that is 3 to 4ft long from your local hardware store. Once set up, if you want your ar500 gong to swing, leave the target stop open. If you like rapid fire, simply close the target stop to get a quicker resetting target like a popper. Best of all, this AR500 hook & strap system won’t beak like most chains keeping you shooting instead of fixing. Minimum distances for 3/8″ are 12 yards for pistol and 100 yards for most rifles under 3000 fps non FMJ. If over 3000 fps or you are shooting magnum rounds please check out our 1/2″ targets. Always wear proper eye protection when shooting steel targets. Pro Targets For Pro Shooters.

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2 reviews for 10,8,6 inch Targets AR500 Gong Target System with Stand

  1. William Hicks (verified owner)

    Used the system for about 3 hours this morning and hit the plates with hundreds of rounds, no real damage beyond paint being knocked off. Instructions call for 1/2” conduit, 1/2” OD will not work for the legs, 1/2” ID is required. The system performed well today and passed or exceeded my expections. Looking forward to acquiring more products from AR500 Target Solutions.

  2. Dennis (verified owner)

    I bought this system for practice and to use in local 3gun matches. Per the included instructions the conduit and 2×4 were purchased at a local hardware store. The 2×4 is 6ft long but I might change it out for an 8 ft one. All of the included hangers, braces and targets are of high quality even the carriage bolts are prime. The target system is relatively light and easy to setup. I drilled holes in the conduit and secured the 2×4 brackets to the conduit using bolts and wing nuts. This is not necessary but it makes setup easier, especially if you are setting it up by yourself. I will update this review at the end of the month, after the match, and will try to post some pics or a video.

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