AR500 Target Solution’s TSR (Tactical Short Range) products are built for police and military applications but are available for purchase for everyone. Everything is upgraded from our new portable H-base stand line up making the TSR a premiere setup. Our unique AR500 target design means nothing is attached to the main target, giving you the loudest and purest rings. At 7x14x3/8 inches, it will push your limits and keep even the best shooter honest.  Included is:

– our new H-base stand

– a 7×14 inch 50% IPSC “AC” zone silhouette target in 3/8 inch thickness

– a 5″ reactive, side-to-side swing paddle in 3/8″ thickness

– upgraded grade 8 carriage bolts for durability

The adjustable target hanger allows a hang angle of up to 30 degrees and can withstand calibers of up to .308 at 50 yards with a clear, loud ring.

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3/8", 1/2"


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