A matched set of our 12″x20″x3/8″ silhouette targets is an excellent start to a tactical shooting range, or a great expansion to an existing range. This bundle is made from  3/8” thick AR500 steel. All targets come with two ½” diameter carriage bolt holes for gong mounting, and one ½” center carriage bolt hole for stand mounting. Chains, mounts, bases, bolts and stencils are not included – mounts shown are for illustration purposes only.

These targets are rated for use with most pistol and rifle calibers. AR500 Target Solutions’ precision CNC-cut targets are rated to 3000 fps at 100 yards. They are fully reversable and when used as instructed should provide years of reliable use.

Shooters and spectators must always wear proper eye and hearing protection. Shooting these targets with full metal jacket, steel core, hollow point bullets or slugs will cause minor dents or craters (remember you are shooting steel with steel). No shotgun slugs, steel bird shot and buckshot ammunition should be shot at steel targets. Never shoot hardened, steel core or armor piercing ammunition at any steel target. Do not use a steel shooting target that has been deformed or damaged. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use and misuse of the purchased steel targets.

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs

3/8", 1/2"

4 reviews for AR500 Steel Shooting Targets – Two Pack 12×20″ Silhouette Target Bundle

  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 4 reviews )

    Gerard (verified owner)

    Great targets! Reasonably priced with the lowest threshold for free shipping I have found. Initially I thought the paint was unnecessary but its actually really nice. Handling the targets out of the box is clean and they are ready to shoot immediately. Highly recommended. The quality is on par with the other companies selling on the internet but better priced. I have purchased from several other companies and this is the one I prefer because of price, the low shipping threshold, similar quality as other companies, and (come to find out) the painted targets for better handling.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 4 reviews )

    Bill miller (verified owner)

    I consistantly return to Ar500 Target Solutions for my steel target purchases. I run a weekly steel pistol match and Ar500 Target Solutions beat the price on everything I try to find. Their targets, hangers, and mounting products always give that resounding ping when hit, making it easy to score controlled pais.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 4 reviews )

    Paul Beam

    We have two of these sets and love them! Great service, fast shipping, amazing products!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5
    ( 4 reviews )


    I got a pair of these and now after some testing I need to order more. I was expecting to sneak at least one round through at this point or at least put a good dent in one. The have now taken hundreds of 5.56, 308, 7.62×39, 6.5 and even 7mm rem mag. Im VERY impressed. will be ordering more soon!

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