Steel targets made with pride

Making quality AR500 targets began with a dream to take our family to Hawaii. Our son was a junior in high school and time was running out for family vacation opportunities.  As a recreational shooter, John noticed the steel target industry had either expensive quality steel targets or cheap low-end steel targets with nothing in between. That is when he decided to have some steel targets made to his specifications and see if he could sell enough of them to fund the trip. That was the beginning of AR500 Target Solutions LLC! Our entire family had a hand in the process, from making the shipping boxes to clearing out space in the garage to start this new adventure.

We have a few additional staff members now but the basis for the business remains the same: provide excellent service, a great product and focus on how we can make the customers’ experience better every day. We enjoy serving the shooting community and we are honored to be a part of the American dream. Thanks to the positive response to AR500 Target Solutions, we were able to take our family to Oahu! Since that time 5 years ago, AR500 Target Solutions has grown into more than the hopeful side-hustle. It has evolved into a business that supports many of our family members and community members.

A little bit about our founder

John has been in sales and marketing nearly 25 years and has always believed in excellent customer service and great quality products at a great value.  When spending your hard-earned money, you deserve all three! Many businesses get good at one or two of these areas but fail at delivering all three. John strives daily to improve the process of AR500 Target Solutions to better serve you- our customer. He enjoys recreational shooting and will be the first to tell you that he needs a lot more practice!

Quality laser cut steel targets

If you have been part of our journey since we started in 2015, you’ve noticed that we are always trying to refine our product- your voice as a customer is a big part of that. We want to make your range-time a memorable experience. Some of the improvements include moving from CNC plasma cut targets to a higher quality CNC laser cut targets without raising our prices. In the spring of 2020, we introduced a higher quality AR550 steel for our ½” thick steel target lineup to better accommodate our heavy-duty rifle shooters.

As we move forward at AR500 Target Solutions, we will always have you, the customer, in mind. If you have any questions or ideas, please let us know.

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Our steel targets are CNC Laser cut in the USA from the finest AR500 steel and AR550 steel that is bead blasted and smooth. Quality does not have to cost you more so don’t settle for softer plasma cut steel targets.


All of our targets are powder coated in white and ready to shoot.


Many of our competitors do not paint their steel targets leaving you to do the dirty work.


Mount your steel targets how you want.  All of our steel targets all have three 1/2″ carriage bolt holes for convenient center mounting or outside mounting keeping your safe from ricochets.


We understand not every one has their own land to set up a permanent shooting range.  All of our steel target systems are easy to set up, lightweight and very portable so you can get to what you love to do.


We offer a variety of products, including high-quality 3/8″ AR500 targets and 1/2″ thick AR550 targets as well safe portable stands. Whether you’re a weekend shooter, police or military professional, our full line of steel targets can handle what you throw at them.