CNC laser-cut in Wisconsin from the finest American-made steel, bead-blasted and smooth. Don’t settle for softer plasma-cut targets – quality doesn’t have to cost you more with AR500’s TSR line!


Our TSR 2×4 mount is 1 1/2 times longer and stronger than our regular range of mounts. Grade 8 Bolts replace our standard grade 5 bolts.


Built to keep you shooting, our TSR 2×4 protectors are 60% longer than the standard 2×4 protectors, protecting your wood 2×4 stands and extending your range time.


Our sleek 2×4 protector design has no forward-facing bolt, eliminating hardware-impact ricochet. Plus the IPSC-standard target has nothing welded to the target, making it the best-ringing hostage target on the market.


The perfect target for professional or competitive shooters, our TSR hostage silhouette is designed to the IPSC AC Zone, making it suitable for competition practice or shooting.


The adjustable, best-in-class, ricochet-deflecting 30-degree hang angle on our TSR targets means they’re safe for shooting up to a .223 rifle at 50 yards or more.