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Laser Cut AR500 Targets

When you pack AR500 steel targets, it’s all about sending hot lead down range and making freedom ring. All of our steel targets are laser cut with certified AR500 steel that is forged in the fires of American patriotism. Expand your shooting range today.

Pro Steel Targets for Pro Shooters

Tactical. Precise. Tough.

Certified AR500 Steel

When you pack AR500 steel targets, it’s all about sending hot lead down range and making freedom ring. All of our targets are fabricated with certified AR500 steel that are forged in the fires of American patriotism.

Durable as Hell

Are you a proud American shooter? Do you have a real beard with real hair on your chest? We want you to join our client list and pick up your AR500 steel targets, because your range should be as burly as you are. AR500 steel targets are made to last; hard and durable for as long as you can handle them.

Ready to blow some S**t up?

Having trouble seeing that target you bought from the other guy? That guy probably didn’t powder coat his targets like we do at AR500 Target Solutions. Our targets, from our AR500 steel targets to dueling tree targets, are ready right out of the box. Whatever you fancy, we’ve got something for ya. And that something is guaranteed to be 100% beef and gravy.

Hang em’

Shoot how you want. AR500 Target Solutions let you mount the way you like with a center mount and side mounts. All of our holes fit a 1/2″ carriage bolt for smooth edges making our targets some of the safest around. For best results, pick up a AR500 Target Solutions factory mount kit.

Laser Cut

Our steel targets are now laser cut making them tougher than ever. Cnc laser cutting keeps the steel targets cool during the cutting process and leaves the temper in the steel. Most of our competitors make there targets using a Cnc plasma table which overheats the AR500 and takes the hardness out of the edges.

AR500 Target Complete Systems from $79.99

Check out our complete AR500 Steel Target Systems! Available in 3/8″ and  1/2″ thick.

Steel Target Stands & Mounts from $17.99

Setup your new steel target quickly and safely with our approved steel target stands! Find your perfect steel target stand here.

AR500 steel gong target mount

AR500 Target Bundle Packs from $31.99

Our combo packs provide great savings for experienced shooters. Discover combo packs including steel targets, steel gong targets, steel pistol targets, and more.

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ar500-targets-free-shippingWe believe in transparency, which is why the price that is displayed on our products, from AR500 steel targets to steel gong targets and everything in between, is the total price.  We work diligently to keep our prices competitive and pass as many savings onto you as possible.


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